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Nintendo Wii ModChips

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The mod chip is an add-on electronic chip for Nintendo Wii game console. It allows you to play import games and DVD-R Backups of Wii and GameCube isos, GC roms, Homebrew Software and Open Source applications. During the Boot sequence the console checks the boot information on the DVD. Wii modchip injects the correct boot information tricking the console so you play copied Nintendo Wii rom games.

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Most commonly, Wii modchips must be soldered with wires on to Wii dvd drives motherboard, although there are quick-solder install kits which instead rely on the precise positioning of electrical contacts within the case and soldering these points.

Nintendo Wii 2nd Generation Upgradable / Flashable Modchips. These newer modchips contain more features in software and usually include menus and many configurable options, such as booting software bypassing the original BIOS GUI. They can be upgraded by several methods, usually from a DVD-R containing the upgrade firmware, and sometimes from onboard serial port which of course is not as convenient as popping in a DVD-RW rewritable disc with the latest update. (And Yes - game backups also can be played from RW media.) Updates add better compatibility and features like ability to play NTSC games on PAL console and European PAL games on a NTSC console in the states.

What we thought before hand is that the Wii firmware version 1.2 could have full access to unsigned code through hacked files which can be accessed through the Channel menu on the Wii. Firmware versions higher than 2 could have limited homebrew compatibilities through the exploit and gif exploit, but only the original wii exploit has full kernel access required for booting of unsigned code and running backup iso games. New programmable modchip for wii is capable of storing two firmware's that can be alternated. This is most commonly used with both the latest firmware, and the unsigned code compatible 1.2 firmware. It can be used to run older, or even custom firmware, and can even restore a bricked Wii most commonly done when writing data to the NaND chip or downgrading. Download free games for Virtual Console.They can offer booting games from several media such as SD Memory Cards, USB pendrives, an add-on external Wii HDD, files hosted in the network, etc.


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