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Fazer Backup para jogos Wii

Mensagem por El Peche » 02 jun 2009, 15:30

First step in copying your games for backup purposes is to get the right software and hardware. You will need one of the following DVD-ROM drives to copy games (ONLY the drives listed bleo will work).

* LG-8164b
* LG-8163b
* LG-8162b
* LG-8161b

Once you install this drive into your computer you will need to download a few applications.

* Raw dump 2.0
* .net Framework 2.0
* WinRar

Once you download the files above then right-click on the rawdump2.0.rar and select "Extract to rawdump2.0\" this will make a folder on your desktop called rawdump2.0


Now insert your Wii or Gamecube game into the LG drive. Then open the rawdump2.0 folder and double click on the rawdump2.0.exe file.


After doing this you will be presented with the following interface.


The next step is to just click "Start Dump." This process will take a couple of hours to complete. The file it creates will be in the same directory as the rawdump.exe file. It should be called "Game Name.iso." This ISO is an image of the actual game and is ready to be burned. You can burn this image with many different applications including Nero Burning Rom.

This step is very important. You need to check your file and see how many KB large it is. To do this Right-Click on your ISO (this is in your rawdump directory) and select properties. It should say,

Nintendo Wii ISO size: 4.37 GB (4,699,979,776 bytes).

Nintendo Gamecube ISO size: 1.35 GB (1,459,978,240 bytes)

All Nintendo Wii and Gamecube images will be this exact byte size. If your Wii image is off by any then you have a bad dump and need to try again.

So next step is to open Nero.

The first step once Nero opens it to just cancel out of the create new dvd/cd/etc dialog. Once you have exited from this dialog you go to Recorder->Burn Image.


After making it this far you are almost done. When you click burn image you will be asked to locate the image. The image will be located in your Rawdump2.0 folder.

Select the game that you have dumped with Rawdump and click open. You will then be presented with the below dialog. Make sure to select a relatively slow burn speed at first to attempt to prevent DRE's (Disc Read Errors). These seem to be common among people that do not use high quality dvd's.


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