Juiced (2005) PAL *PS2*

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Juiced (2005) PAL *PS2*

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Juiced is the only racing simulation that totally immerses you in the lifestyle and culture of the real street modding scene.

Starting as a new kid on the block, with not even a set of wheels to your name, your aim is to build up your own crew of 'driving gods' and dominate the established street racing scene of Angel City.

By showing off your modding and driving skills, you'll gain 'Respect' from the rival crew chiefs, and will soon be invited to their race events, challenge them to race 'for pinks' and bet against them for cash. As your notoriety grows, new drivers will ask to join your crew, opening up the never before seen 'crew races' where your skills at managing your drivers while you race are key to beating your rival crews.


* Combines the driving and extreme-sports genres
* Build up the most respected street racing crew
* Collect and customize or 'mod' a wide variety of cars
* Use team tactics to win races
* Enjoy the 'home' track advantage
* Organised Street Races and Race Track Events
* Use of real brands and recognizable licenses to add believability to the game world
* Cutting edge next-generation graphics
* Split-screen multiplayer gaming
* Online play

Languages: English, German, French and Spanish.


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