Tenchu 3:Wrath Of Heaven (2005) PAL *PS2*

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Tenchu 3:Wrath Of Heaven (2005) PAL *PS2*

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The newest installment in the acclaimed stealth ninja series, Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven, delivers the most realistic, stealth-based, ninja action/adventure game ever. Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven features impressive new stealth attacks, an enhanced fighting engine, new weapons and tools, plus larger levels, improved character animations, and new multiplayer options. Master new combo attacks, including stealth moves and jumping attacks, played out in breathtakingly gory detail via a new and improved fighting engine. Take the role of 3 characters-Rikamaru, Ayame and one unlockable secret character-utilizing over 20 authentic ninja weapons and tools. Earn new abilities and combos by racking up stealth kills. Play with a friend on 5 unique multiplayer levels in 2 mission modes:cooperative team oriented missions and Hunter-Hunted death match mode where you and a friend sneak up on each other as opposing ninjas. Complete unique mission objectives, including espionage, theft, and assasination. Improved enemy AI adds to the challenge, forcing you to think on your feet. Multiple game endings-based on your earlier decisions in the game-keep bringing you back form more.


- Stealth action game
- Play as ninjas Rikimaru or Ayama
- Unlockable third character
- Numerous ranged and melee weapons
- For 1 or 2 players

Languages: French only.

ed2k: PS2 - Tenchu 3 - PAL - Full DVD.iso  [3.61 Gb]

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