Black Jack (1993) OVA (10/10) *Complete*

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Black Jack (1993) OVA (10/10) *Complete*

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Black Jack


Original Work: Tezuka Osamu
Genre: Adventure, Shounen, Tragedy
Group: RiP
Type: OVA, 10 Episodes

In the medical profession, there is a name spoken in hushed tones, of an unlicensed genius physician who can save lives — for a price. His name is Black Jack, and he is a dashing, moody figure, caped in black, a Harlock of medicine, a man who lives by no rules other than his own — and the Hippocratic Oath. A man who would defy the will of God himself in the name of preserving life.

Source: AnimeNfo

Video Codec........H264
Frame rates........23976


ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_01_-_Clinical_Chart_01_Iceberg,Chimaera_Man_-_[RiP][AA259584].mkv  [699.75 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_02_-_Clinical_Chart_02_A_Funeral,The_Procession_Game_-_[RiP][4EFA7F33].mkv  [700.88 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_03_-_Clinical_Chart_03_Decoration_of_Maria_and_Her_Commrades_-_[RiP][9985E49D].mkv  [700.92 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_04_-_Clinical_Chart_04_Anorexia,The_Two_Dark_Doctors_-_[RiP][B82D24B0].mkv  [698.51 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_05_-_Clinical_Chart_05_The_Owl_of_San_Merida_-_[RiP][B1363151].mkv  [706.81 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_06_-_Clinical_Chart_06_-_Night_Time_Tale_in_the_Snow_-_[RiP][C695E669].mkv  [698.78 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_07_-_Clinical_Chart_07_Black_and_White_-_[RiP][BD1E4DEB].mkv  [694.62 Mb]
ed2k: Black-Jack_OVA_-_08_-_Clinical_Chart_08_Thoughts_For_Green_-_[RiP][16395435].mkv  [718.36 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_09_-_Clinical_Chart_09_The_Carbuncle_-_[RiP][5D886EFF].mkv  [709.43 Mb]
ed2k: Black_Jack_OVA_-_10_-_Clinical_Chart_10_Sinking_Woman_-_[RiP][FA2958D2].mkv  [711.78 Mb]

not to confuse with the recent Black Jack & Black Jack 21 series.these are the original OVAs from 13 years ago
It all started here

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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