Apfelland Monogatari (1992) Movie

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Apfelland Monogatari (1992) Movie

Mensagem por moeke » 28 mar 2012, 07:35

Apfelland Monogatari


Original Work: Tanaka Yoshiki
Work: J.C.Staff
Genre: Action, Novel, Shounen
Group: BlueFixer
Type: Movie
Source: LD

* Based on the 1990 fantasy novel by Tanaka Yoshiki.

Apfelland is a small but beautiful country surrounded by Russia, Austria, and Germany. Vel is a boy who lives in the capital, Charlottenburg. He happens to help a girl Frid. She was kidnapped because radium mine was found in her grandfather's abandoned mine. Aiming at the radium mine, various people gather there, for example, an American who wants to make money, a Polish woman disguised like a man who wants to earn money for the revolution, and the ministry of Apfelland who plots to affiliate with Germany. Vel and Frida are involved in their plots, and they know the secret of the mine.

Source: AnimeNfo

Video Codec............XviD
Resolution............. 640x480
Frame rates............23976
Subtitles................English Softsubs

ed2k: [BlueFixer]_The_Tale_of_Apfelland_[9F9A4605].mkv  [868.91 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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