Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart (2008) OVA (5/5) *Complete*

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Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart (2008) OVA (5/5) *Complete*

Mensagem por moeke » 28 mar 2012, 07:27

Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart


AniDB/Official Page Japanese
Producers: Studio Kikan
Genre: Action, Female Students, Martial Arts, Shounen
Group: SubDESU
Episodes: OVA 5
Source: DVD

Walking home from school Aya Iseshima stumbles upon a brutal brawl between two girls fighting over something called the "Platonic Heart". Being a martial arts master herself Aya interferes in the fight to break it up. Afterwards Aya befriends one of the fighters and finds out the Platonic Heart is a jewel that can grant one wish for any girl that posseses it and there is a battle royal tournament going on for its control. Unfortunately for Aya it seems her interference has now registered her as a participant in the fight and it looks like there's no way out but to win.

Video Codec .....: H264
Resolution ......: 864x480
Framerate .......: 23.976 FPS

Audio Codec .....: AC3
Audio Bitrate ...: 448 kBit/s
Channels ........: 2.0

Language ........: Japanese
Subtitles .......: English Softsubs


ed2k: Zettai_Shougeki._Platonic_Heart_-_1_-_Battle_1_-_[SubDESU].mkv  [370.31 Mb]
ed2k: Zettai_Shougeki._Platonic_Heart_-_2_-_Battle_2_-_[SubDESU].mkv  [301.96 Mb]
ed2k: Zettai_Shougeki._Platonic_Heart_-_3_-_Battle_3_-_[SubDESU].mkv  [250.61 Mb]

Chihiro Release
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_01_[h264][AC607523].mkv  [229.47 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_02_[h264][FB459ACC].mkv  [229.41 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_03_[h264][DF9ED5E6].mkv  [229.59 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_04_[h264][8D51D874].mkv  [229.44 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_05_[h264][BBADFEA3].mkv  [229.24 Mb]

ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_01v2_[XviD][C6AFC179].avi  [225.10 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_02_[XviD][88DC92C1].avi  [227.40 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_03_[XviD][11E60F25].avi  [224.29 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_04_[XviD][13869A40].avi  [226.93 Mb]
ed2k: [Chihiro]_Zettai_Shogeki_~Platonic_Heart~_05_[XviD][5606D9A8].avi  [226.44 Mb]

Thanks to moeke for the Chihiro releases!

Thanks goes to ishigo31

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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