Blue Seagull (1994) Movie

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Blue Seagull (1994) Movie

Mensagem por moeke » 31 jan 2012, 23:44

Blue Seagull

Genre: 18 Restricted, Action, Adventure, Nudity, Sex, Underworld
Group: ARR
Type: Movie
Source: DVD

In the era of Chosun Dynasty (Old Korea), a Sword (Royal Gift) was lost. The Sword was taken to Japan by a grave robber. A brave young man goes to fight a host of international criminal organizations to get the Sword back. One day in Japan, Yakuza boss Ohmikkami is cruelly killed by the Mafia, and they take the Royal Sword. The young man is informed that the Sword is in the hands of the Mafia. The young and courageous Korean man (Hail) visits Japan and New York to try and take the Sword back. His girlfriend (Chaerin) is a car engineer who is in New York to participate in a car show. Hail finds out the location of the Sword in New York through his beautiful American assistant Josie. The mafia, worried about the safety of the Sword, kidnaps Josie. Hail is forced to confront them to get her and the Sword back. Will he win and get the Sword and Josie back?

Source: Korean Movie Database

Video Codec.............H264/AVC
Frame rates...............23976
Subtitles...................English Hardsubs

ed2k: [ARR] BLUE SEAGULL -H264 640x480.mkv  [823.28 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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Re: Blue Seagull (1994) Movie

Mensagem por adelargodoi » 01 fev 2012, 02:26

vleu! :goodpost:


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