Dead Space: Aftermath (2011)

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Dead Space: Aftermath (2011)

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Dead Space Aftermath


Directed by Mike Disaref
Groups: 7Sins
Source: Blu Ray

"Aftermath centers on the Aegis VII disaster and explores how the Government sends an unwitting crew of people to get exposed to Marker shards. The Government is secretly trying to produce a viable "Marker blueprint" carrier, no matter the costs.

The year is 2509 and not only has Earth lost contact with the Ishimura and Isaac Clarke, but now also the USG O'Bannon, the first responder ship sent to rescue them. Four crew members of the O'Bannon have survived. But what happened to the rest of the crew? What were they doing? What secrets are they keeping? All to be the Aftermath! Dead Space: Aftermath is a fast paced, horrifying thrill ride told through the perspective of the four survivors by several renowned international directors[Wikia]

Video Codec...........H264/AVC
Frame rates...........23976
Subtitles................English Softsubs

ed2k: Dead.Space.Aftermath.2011.720p.BluRay.x264-7SiNS.mkv  [2.65 Gb]

Enjoy !!!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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