Play Ball (2005)*DTV*-still running

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Play Ball (2005)*DTV*-still running

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Play Ball (2005)(3/13) *still running*]Play Ball (2005)

Producer: Eiken
Genre: School Life, Sports
Episodes: 13
Group: Lunar Anime
Source: DTV
Video: XviD, 640x480
Audio: Japanese, MP3 128 kbps
Subtitles: English

Description: (from AnimeNfo)
Taniguchi Takao was a good baseball player when he was in junior high. But he broke his finger and couldn't play baseball anymore. When he became a high school student, he always stood alone after school looking sadly at the baseball ground. Looking at him, Aiki, a captain of a soccer club invited him to his team. He hadn't played soccer, but he was a good athlete and diligent, soon, he become so a good player as to be chosen a regular member.

However, Aiki noticed that Takao couldn't give up baseball and he made Takao join the baseball club. At first, he couldn't adapt himself to the surroundings. Their easy-going attitude was far from what he used to do. However, being influenced by Takao's earnestness, gradually, their attitude began to change.

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ed2k: [Lunar]_Play_Ball_-_01_[C6397019].avi  [175.40 Mb]
ed2k: [Lunar]_Play_Ball_-_02_[42BA8000].avi  [171.43 Mb]
ed2k: [Lunar]_Play_Ball_-_03_[007AF101].avi  [173.24 Mb]

*still running*


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