Serial Experiments Lain (1998)*DVDRip*

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Serial Experiments Lain (1998)*DVDRip*

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Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Producer: Pioneer LDC
Genre: Dementia, Drama, Mystery, SciFi
Episodes: 13
Group: Zhentarim DivX
Source: DVD
Video: DivX5, 640x480
Audio: Dual Audio (English/Japanese), Ogg Vorbis
Subtitles: English

Description: (from AnimeNfo)
The first episode opens with the mysterious suicide of a high-school girl, Chisa Yomoda. Chisa-chan was a classmate of Lain Iwakura, a quiet, 14-year-old high-school girl. One of the other girls in the class has been receiving e-mail messages from Chisa-chan, and Lain discovers she also has mail from Chisa-chan. In the mail she explains to Lain that she just abandoned her flesh. She assures lain that she still is alive in the 'wired' world. After getting a new 'navi' and adding a 'psyche' circuit, Lain spends more and more time in the wired. It seems that Lain has at least 2 personalities, and Lain's first personality is changing even now. Who is lain? Who are the 'knights'? Can the wired influence the real world with a prophecy? Is the real world nothing but a hologram of the information in the wired?

More info: AniDB | AnimeNfo | Homepage (JAP)



ed2k: zx.lain.01.divx5.ogm  [228.53 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.02.divx5.ogm  [213.45 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.03.divx5.ogm  [218.98 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.04.divx5.ogm  [227.42 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.05.divx5.ogm  [234.71 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.06.divx5.ogm  [222.00 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.07.divx5.ogm  [242.34 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.08.divx5.ogm  [227.03 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.09.divx5.ogm  [229.20 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.10.divx5.ogm  [231.85 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.11.divx5.ogm  [229.90 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.12.divx5.ogm  [230.79 Mb]
ed2k: zx.lain.13.divx5.ogm  [224.06 Mb]


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