Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (2000) *DTV*

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Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (2000) *DTV*

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Ah! My Goddess: The Movie (2000)

Title: AA! Megami Sama - The Movie
English: Ah! My Goddess - The Movie
Synonyms: Ah My Goddess! The Movie, Oh My Goddess! The Movie
Short: AMG Movie, AMG the movie, amsm, ams movie, OMG Movie, OMG the movie
Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Romance
Type: Movie
Year: 2000 (21.10.2000)
Producer: Pioneer
URL: http://www.aicanime.com/products/amg/index.html
prequel: AA! Megami-sama OVA
parent story: AA! Megami-sama
Rating: 7.94 (658 votes)
Reviews: 2 Review(s), Avg. Review Rating: 7.33

Based along the story of the OVA series, the movie is far more plot driven and serious than the comical OVA series. At times, themes may appear to be rather sinister, as forgotten memories and buried pasts are revealed. --aranaxon

A prisoner escaped from the moon prison. Celestin appeared before Belldandy, kissed her, and she fainted. Peorth, in Asgard, informed Urd Celestin's escape. Someone planted virus into Yggdrasil thru Belldandy and causing Asgard to seal off any connection to Midgard, effectively making the Norns on their own. Belldandy finally woke up but she lost all the memories about Keichi. Peorth esculated the incident to the council. Belldandy and Keichi went to NIT, Morgan appeared and approached Keichi. Belldandy raced against Morgan. Belldandy got some memory back when winning the race. Celestin appeared again and triggered some deep buried memory of Belldandy, especially the image of a strange gate. Urd and Keichi rescued Belldandy from Celestin but Keichi got hurt during the process.

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Audio lang: Japanese and sub lang: English:
ed2k: Oh!.My.Goddess!.-.The.Movie.avi  [660.61 Mb]

External Subtitles:
ed2k: Oh!.My.Goddess!.-.The.Movie.External.Subtitles.rar  [793.8 Kb]

Audio lang: Japanese and audio lang: English and sub lang: English
ed2k: Ah!.My.Goddess!.-.The.Movie.(2000).(CD1of2).mkv  [698.26 Mb]
ed2k: Ah!.My.Goddess!.-.The.Movie.(2000).(CD2of2).mkv  [699.99 Mb]


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