Mind Game (2004) Movie

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Mind Game (2004) Movie

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Mind Game (2004)

Producer: Studio 4°C
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Dementia, Romance
Type: Movie
IMDB rating: 9.3/10 (71 votes)
Group: KickAssAnime
Source: DVD
Video: H264/AVC, 704x368
Audio: Japanese, AC3 5.1
Subtitles: English

Description: (from AnimeNfo)
The film follows Nishi, who meets the love of his dream Myon on a train. Myon and her sister later invites Nishi to their restaurant, only to find himself being killed by Myon`s debt-collectors! When Nishi died and went to heaven, he went against the will of God to return to Earth. When he returns to Earth, he is immediately eaten by a whale. In the stomach of the whale, Nishi meets an old man who has been living there for 30 years.

More info: AniDB | AnimeNfo | Homepage (JAP) | IMDB



ed2k: Mind.Game.DVD(H264.AC3)[KAA][10954326].mkv  [1.36 Gb]

Note: You might need to install the Combined Community Codec Pack to play it correctly.


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