Azumanga Daioh (2002) *DTV*

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Azumanga Daioh (2002) *DTV*

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Azumanga Daioh (2002)

Genre: Comedy, Kids, School
Episodes: 26
Group: New Life Anime / Ishin-Digital / Anime-Fansubs
Source: DTV
Video: DivX3, 512x384
Audio: Japanese, MP3 128 kbs
Subtitles: English

Description: (from AniDB)
Azumanga Daioh is originally serialized in a very popular "Electric Shock Daioh" manga. The story revolves around high school girls. Each main character has a colorful and attractive personality for comic fans, such as gifted 10 years old highschool girl, cool highschool girl, natural highschool girl, highschool girl with glasses and weird older teachers.

Based on a four panel comic, each part is rather short at around five minutes. Each episode contain 5 parts making a total of 130 parts over 26 episodes. Azumanga Daioh also appeared as a short online movie, known as Azumanga Web Daioh. Apparently, they were also giving out free DVD of a short movie in March and April edition of Dengeki Daioh magazine.

More info: AniDB | AnimeNfo | Homepage (JAP)



ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_01_[NLA&Ishin].avi  [176.79 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_02_[NLA&Ishin].avi  [190.93 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_03_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [152.17 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_04_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [174.14 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_05_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [121.54 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_06_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [177.46 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_07_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [125.02 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_08_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [166.64 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_09_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [149.45 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_10_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [150.79 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_11_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [157.12 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_12_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [158.35 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_13_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [154.57 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_14_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [168.27 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_15_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [217.57 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_16_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [173.03 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_17_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [150.83 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_18_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [150.85 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_19_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [159.59 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_20_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [160.52 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_21_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [160.03 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_22_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [157.66 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_23_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [160.78 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_24_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [160.10 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_25_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [157.90 Mb]
ed2k: Azumanga_Daioh_-_26_[NLA&Ishin&A-F].avi  [170.57 Mb]


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