Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love Song OVA *DVD*-Dual Lang.

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Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love Song OVA *DVD*-Dual Lang.

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Saishuuheiki Kanojo - Another Love Song

AniDB/Official Page Japanese
Producers: CBC, Shogakukan, Toei Video, Touhoku Shinsha, Studio Fantasia, Magic Bus
Genre: Action, Angst, Cyborgs, Mecha, Military, SciFi, Seinen
Groups: Exiled-Destiny
Episodes: OVA 2
Source: DVD

In the sky over Hakata city, fighter planes were flying and bombers are dropping bombs one after another. It became a sea of flames around Fukuoka Dome. At that time, a light appeared in the sky. In the shower of missiles, it intercepted enemy planes by its energy cannon. It was another “Ultimate Weapon”.

In the meantime, Chise was suffered from the fact that she’d been turned into a weapon against her will, and she was thinking about Shuji. However, the army continued sending her to the battle fields.

Whether another ultimate weapon is an enemy or a friend?

This OVA will reveal another truth that wasn’t described in TV series.
(Source: AnimeNFO)

Code:Video Codec .....: H264
Resolution ......: 640x352
Framerate .......: 23.976 FPS

Audio Codec .....: AC3
Audio Bitrate ...: 384 kBit/s
Channels ........: 5.1 Surround

Language ........: Japanese/English
Subtitles .......: English Softsubs



ed2k: Saishuuheiki_Kanojo_-_01_-_We_Fall_in_Love_-_[E-D](f55c71b2).mkv  [340.25 Mb]
ed2k: Saishuuheiki_Kanojo_-_02_-_I`m_Growing_-_[E-D](06310b97).mkv  [340.18 Mb]


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