Babylon (2019) (03/12) *Ongoing**

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Babylon (2019) (03/12) *Ongoing**

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Original Work: Nozaki Mado
Animation Work: Revoroot
Genre: Detective
Group: HorribleSubs
Type: TV Serie - Episodes 12
Source: www

* Based on a suspense novel series written by Nozaki Mado.

Shinki is a new "autonomous zone" being established in western Tokyo to accommodate the metropolis' ever-growing population, and the upcoming mayoral elections have dominated discussion in the media for weeks. In the middle of investigating pharmaceutical law violations for the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor Seizaki Zen and his assistant Fumio Atsuhiko stumble on to evidence linking the bizarre suicide of an anesthesiologist to one of the mayoral candidates, Nomaru Ryuuichirou. Suspecting a scandal that could tear Shinki's burgeoning political scene into pieces, Zen and Atsuhiko begin pulling at the threads of the case, and with the body count rising, its impossible to say just how deep the corruption in the city could possibly go.

Source: ANN

Video Codec............H264/AVC
Frame rates............23976
Subitles.................English Softsubs
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 01 [480p].mkv  [82.09 Mb]
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 01 [720p].mkv  [169.50 Mb]
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 02 [480p].mkv  [73.51 Mb]
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 02 [720p].mkv  [145.57 Mb]
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 03 [480p].mkv  [82.35 Mb]
ed2k: [HorribleSubs] Babylon - 03 [720p].mkv  [171.17 Mb]

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