Uchuu Taitei God Sigma (1980) (01/50) *Ongoing**

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Uchuu Taitei God Sigma (1980) (01/50) *Ongoing**

Mensagem por moeke » 10 mai 2019, 09:29

Uchuu Taitei God Sigma


http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?sh ... e&aid=3124
Original Work: Yatsude Saburou
Animation Work: Green Box, Toei
Genre: mecha, piloted robot, science fiction
Group: ARR
Type: TV Serie - Episodes 50
Source: ?

The year is 2050 and an energy crisis is Earth's main concern. A brilliant scientist in Trinity City develops the Trinity energy, a new source of energy powerful enough to supply the entire world. The alien empire of the Elda learn of this energy and plot to seize it by force. They attack Earth's space colony on Jupiter's moon of Io and occupy it. Meanwhile, the Trinity energy has been applied to three giant robots that combine to form God Σ, a mighty robot led by its main pilot, martial artist Toushiya Dan. With its mighty sword, it now stands between the peace of Earth and the power of the Elda forces.

However, later in the series it's revealed that the Elda forces came from the future, where earthlings attacks Elda's home planet. Using advanced time-machine the Eldans tries to seize the secret of Trinity energy to save their home planet.

Video Codec................H264/AVC
Frame rates................23976
Subtitles....................English Softsubs srt
ed2k: Uchuu Taitei God Sigma - 01.mp4  [149.58 Mb]
ed2k: Uchuu Taitei God Sigma - 01.[ARR].srt  [34.2 Kb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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