Shuranosuke Zanmaken: Shikamamon no Otoko (1990) Movie **

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Shuranosuke Zanmaken: Shikamamon no Otoko (1990) Movie **

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Shuranosuke Zanmaken: Shikamamon no Otoko / Sword for Truth

Original Work: Narumi Takeshi
Genre: action, historical, nudity, samurai, swordplay, thriller, violence
Group: xPearce
Type: Movie
Source: DVD

Ancient feudal Japan was ruled by clans of Shoguns whose rule was absolute; they owned the land and the people on it! One man, Shuranosuke Sakaki the master swordsman, furiously protected his independence. Bearing his distinctive Scythes of Death crest he walks alone and unafraid, cutting a swathe through those who stand in his way.

Shuranosuke is hired by the Tokugawa Shogunate to rescue Princess Mayu from the clutches of a group of bandit ninjas, the Seki Ninja. They will stop at nothing to protect their captive and call upon the undead spirits in Hell to assist them. Shuranosuke's skills are put to the ultimate test as he leaves a trail of blood and severed limbs in a desperate attempt to save the princess.

Video Codec...............H2624/AVC
Frame rates...............23976
Language..................Japanese / English
Subtitles...................English Softsubs

ed2k: [xPearse] Sword For Truth [English] [Dual-Audio] [480p].mkv  [469.30 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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