The Buffalo Boy and his Flute.(1963) Movie music

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The Buffalo Boy and his Flute.(1963) Movie music

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The Buffalo Boy and his Flute.


animator Te Wei.
produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio
Chinese animated short film
Group: Magai=M74
Type: Short Movie
Source: DVD

The film does not contain any dialogues, allowing it to be watched by any culture. The animation is essentially Chinese painting in motion,[1] with a heavy emphasis on the flute melody.

The story is about a relationship between a young cow herding boy with an extraordinary flute playing ability. He is accompanied by his faithful water buffalo, and falls asleep in a tree. Soon he is dreaming that he has lost his buffalo. The dream sequence is delightfully whimsical, beginning with falling leaves that turn into butterflies and gradually lead the cow herder to a beautiful mist-filled valley. Here the buffalo refuses to budge from his hiding spot, leaving the cow herder to find an alternate musical solution to his problem.[Wiki]

Video Codec..................H264/AVC
Frame rates..................23976

ed2k: [Magai-M74] The Buffalo Boy and His Flute (DVD 556p AC3) [0F63E6BE].mkv  [610.62 Mb]

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