Transformers Zone (1990) OVA (1/1)

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Transformers Zone (1990) OVA (1/1)

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Transformers Zone

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Original Plan: Kaneda Masumi
Work: Nippon Columbia, Takara
Genre: Mecha, Sci-Fi, Transforming Robot
Group: Karyuudo Fansubs
Type: OVA - Episodes 1

In the distant future, an evil entity known as Violenjiger resurrects some of the most feared generals in Destron history. While saving some inhabitants of a planet destroyed by these Destrons, Cybertron leader Victory Saber is seriously damaged. The leadership of the Cybertron forces is passed on to the heroic robot Dai-Atlas.

Source: ANN

Note: Originally meant to be a TV series, Zone was changed to an OVA after less than expected toy sales. The remainder of the story was told in manga released in TV Magazine. While several additional episodes were made, they were never released and it is posssible they no longer exist.

Video Codec...........H264/AVC
Frame rates...........23976

ed2k: Transformers Zone [Karyuudo Fansubs].mkv  [191.40 Mb]

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