Shihaisha no Tasogare (1998) OVA

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Shihaisha no Tasogare (1998) OVA

Mensagem por moeke » 24 fev 2014, 10:43

Shihaisha no Tasogare / Twilight Of The Dark Master

Original Work: Okuse Saki
Animation Work: Madhouse
Genre: Action, Demons, Genetic Modification, Horror, Human Enhancement, Novel, Violence
Group: OnDeed
Type: OVA - Episodes 1
Source: DVD

Since time immortal, Earth has been enslaved by the powerful and grotesque Ogres. The dominance these arrogant immortals hold over their helpless victims is challenged only by the noble Guardians.

Aeons later, in the year 2089, few Ogres or Guardians remain in Neo-Shinjuku. Humans rule the Earth; yet, deep within the dark underworld of the city, the supreme Ogre is still alive and is preparing, once again, to enslave the human race.

Video Codec............H264/AVC
Frame rates............23976
Subtitles................English Softsubs

ed2k: Shihaisha no Tasogare [OnDeed] [A6E340EA].mkv  [1.17 Gb]

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Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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