Mars of Destruction (2005) OVA (1/1)

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Mars of Destruction (2005) OVA (1/1)

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Mars of Destruction/ Hametsu no Mars

Imagem ... e&aid=3225
Direction: Satou Yoshiteru
Animation Work: Wao World
Genre: Action, Action Game, Alien, Gunfights, Humanoid Alien, Mecha, Power Suit, Sci-Fi, Violence
Group: Shinsen-Subs
Type: OVA - Episodes 1
Source: DVD

* Based on the Playstation 2 game with the same name.

In 2016, a manned probe sent from Earth to investigate Mars explodes in Earth's atmosphere, causing fragments assumed to contain a DNA sample of a possible Mars inhabitant to fall on Japan.

People all over Japan are infected by the mutation-inducing virus and are thus given the name Iseki-jin (relic people). An organization called AAST is founded, which in cooperation with Structure Doctor Hiroshi Hyuga develops a suit, "Mars", as a trump card against the relic people. Whoever wears the suit obtains super powers, but only a few genetically compatible people are able to wear it. Tairu, the son of the doctor, was the first suitable person.

One of the fallen fragments is being transported to a laboratory in the United States for an analysis when the transfer is intercepted by the relic people. Now Tairu has to fight and defend humanity's chance to bring an end to the incident.

Video Codec............XviD
Frame rates............23976
Subtitles................English Hardsubs

ed2k: [Shinsen-Subs]_Mars_of_Destruction_OVA_[2C0D8AAA].avi  [174.02 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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