Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami (2013) Movie

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Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami (2013) Movie

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Dragon Ball Z: Kami to Kami


http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?sh ... e&aid=9314
Original Work: Toriyama Akira
Genre; Action, Fantasy, Manga, Martial Arts, Shounen, Super Power
Group: Hatsuyuki
Type: Movie
Source: Blu-ray

* Based on a manga by Toriyama Akira, serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump.

Shortly after the defeat of Majin Buu, Bills, the God of Destruction, awakens after a long slumber. After hearing rumors of a Saiyan warrior who defeated Frieza, he tracks down that warrior, Son Goku. Excited at the prospect of a new challenge, Goku faces him in battle, only to be quickly overwhelmed by his power, and he is defeated shortly thereafter. Realizing the threat Bills poses to the entire universe, Goku and his friends must find a way to stop him before it's too late.

Source: ANN

Video Codec.........H264/AVC
Frame rates.........23976
Subtitles.............English Softsubs

ed2k: [Hatsuyuki]_Dragon_Ball_Z_the_Movie_-_Battle_of_Gods_[BD_10bit_720p_x264_FLAC][BBBDA02E].mkv  [2.39 Gb]
ed2k: [Hatsuyuki]_Dragon_Ball_Z_the_Movie_-_Battle_of_Gods_[480p_Xvid_MP3][EADAE0EC].avi  [864.81 Mb]

Enjoy !!!

Sorry don't understand Portuguese only English

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