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The Big Short (2015) *BDRip 1080p* - HDChina

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Quatro gestores viram o que os bancos e o governo dos EUA decidiram não ver: o colapso da economia mundial. A partir daí tiveram uma grande ideia: fazer "A Grande Aposta" contra todo mundo. Essa visão ousada leva esses quatro personagens ao mais alto poder do centro financeiro onde devem questionar tudo e todos.

Three separate but parallel stories of the U.S mortgage housing crisis of 2005 are told. Michael Burry| an eccentric ex-physician turned one-eyed Scion Capital hedge fund manager| has traded traditional office attire for shorts| bare feet and a Supercuts haircut. He believes that the US housing market is built on a bubble that will burst within the next few years. Autonomy within the company allows Burry to do largely as he pleases| so Burry proceeds to bet against the housing market with the banks| who are more than happy to accept his proposal for something that has never happened in American history. The banks believe that Burry is a crackpot and therefore are confident in that they will win the deal. Jared Vennett with Deutschebank gets wind of what Burry is doing and| as an investor believes he too can cash in on Burry's beliefs. An errant telephone call to FrontPoint Partners gets this information into the hands of Mark Baum| an idealist who is fed up with the corruption in the ...
The Big Short (2015)

Sinopse:In 2006-7 a group of investors bet against the US mortgage market. In their research they discover how flawed and corrupt the market is.
Duração:130 minutos
Realizador:Adam McKay
Actores:Ryan Gosling, Rudy Eisenzopf, Casey Groves, Charlie Talbert, Harold Gervais
Última Actualização:Segunda Março 12, 2018 09:31

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ENCODER ........: Medusa @ HDChina

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