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The Undefeated (1969) *1080p BDRip* - YIFY

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Pouco após a Guerra Civil americana o coronel John Henry Thomas (John Wayne), o oficial da cavalaria da União, leva seus soldados para o oeste. Ao mesmo tempo o coronel James Langdon (Rock Hudson) leva suas tropas rumo ao México. Quando as duas tropas se encontram os coronéis firmam uma amizade relutante, que é posta à prova quando eles são emboscados pelos rebeldes mexicanos e pelas forças inimigas à União.

This routine western finds Union Colonel John Henry Thomas (John Wayne) and company attacking Confederate soldiers lead by Colonel James Langdon (Rock Hudson). After a crushing defeat, Langdon torches his plantation rather than have it fall into enemy hands. A group of Southerners accept the invitation of Emperor Maximilian to join them, and Langdon heads off with a wagon train of settlers to a new land. Thomas with his adopted Indian son Blue Boy (Roman Gabriel) bring a herd of 3,000 horses across the Rio Grand for sale. The two factions meet at a Fourth of July party and relive the war through a drunken brawl. When Mexican General Rojas (Tony Aguilar) holds the Southerners hostage, Thomas orders the herd to stampede into the General's camp as ransom payment for their former enemies. Merlin Olsen plays the blacksmith Little George. Both Gabriel and Olsen were pro-football all-stars for the Los Angeles Rams. Olsen continued his acting and sports announcing after his gridiron days were over.
The Undefeated (1969)

Sinopse:After the Civil War, ex-Confederate soldiers heading for a new life in Mexico run into ex-Union cavalrymen selling horses to the Mexican government but they must join forces to fight off Mexican bandits and revolutionaries.
Duração:119 minutos
Idioma:English, Spanish, French
Realizador:Andrew V. McLaglen
Actores:John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Antonio Aguilar, Roman Gabriel, Marian McCargo
Última Actualização:Segunda Março 12, 2018 03:10

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FORMAT..............: MP4
CODEC...............: X264
GENRE...............: Western
FILE SIZE...........: 1.84 GB
RESOLUTION..........: 1920*808
FRAME RATE..........: 23.976 fps
AUDIO...............: 92.0 Kbps AAC-LC (2CH)
SUBTITLES...........: NONE
LANGUAGE............: English
RUNTIME.............: 118 mins

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