Zemana AntiLogger v1.9.3.514 *Keygen* - BRD

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Zemana AntiLogger v1.9.3.514 *Keygen* - BRD

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Zemana AntiLogger is an easy-to-use antihacker application that is complementary to your existing antivirus software. It is designed to improve your security and provide protection against the latest zero-day spyware, rootkits, Trojans, viruses, bots, and adware.

Key features:

AntiLogger starts protecting you where traditional anti-virus software stops;
Provides reliable all-round protection featuring SSL, Webcam, Key, Clipboard and Screen Logger Protection Modules along with Continuous System Defence Module;
Extremely light, does not slow down your computer;
New behavioral technology detects and intercepts malicious attempts without relying on known virus signature database;
Protects you against Zero-Day and Early-Life malware.

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What's new in Zemana AntiLogger

· Fixed an integer overflow bug. Credit to Chris Wagers.
· Fixed some misspelled English words
· Fixed an issue related to useragent parsing
· Vietnamese language file updated thanks to Phạm Tuấn Khanh
· Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional(Taiwan) language file updated thanks to LiveOnLove


ed2k: Zemana_AntiLogger_1.9.3.514.exe  [22.15 Mb]
ed2k: Zemana.Antilogger.v1.9.x.Keygen-BRD.rar  [48.2 Kb]


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