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Lost Fare (2018) *HDRip* - EVO


Freda, 11, abused daughter of a hardened hooker, hides from her mother's pimp Sonny, who's intent on selling Freda to a high paying customer. Freda escapes to a nearby motel room and inadvertently sees Jack, (40), an ex-con cabbie trying to hang himself. Next morning Jack saves Freda from being raped by the seedy motel manager. Freda, with the help of her 'imaginary friend' Bella, talks Jack into helping her find her brother, which leads them to Sonny's mansion, where the deadly drama resolves.

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Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (2018) *HDRip* - EVO


Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is a computer animated movie based on the true story of the most decorated dog in America. As World War I nears, Stubby is rescued from his life on the streets by a young American soldier. He gets love, a family and an adventure as he heads to the trenches of France with his new owner. There, Stubby aids in the fight and becomes famous for his amazing military service.

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Haunted Transylvania 2 (2018) *HDRip* - EVO


All the comical characters are reunited when cave dwelling Grandpa Vlad comes for an impromptu family visit. Understanding the generation gap has never been more challenging for Mavis and Jonathan than with Grandpa Vlad turns Hotel Transylvania upside-down with his old-school way of thinking. The loveable crotchety old-timer and his estranged son, Dracula, learn to resolve their differences through haphazard adventures, secret twists and turn, and a lot of goofy mistakes.

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Trolled (2018) *HDRip* - EVO


Journey along on a quest to an enchanted land of cute, friendly little trolls, fairies, elves and goblins to find a BIG adventure! Princess Cupcake and her brave friends must seek far and wide to find a good magic spell to help rescue their king from the wicked plans of a naughty troll and his dragon. If she can find the help she needs from a handful of magical creatures and answer their riddles, she just might save the Kingdom of the Wee Trolls!

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Bad Cat (2018) *HDRip* - EVO


In a sleazy downtown area of Istanbul, Rifki the Seagull and Riza the Rat are preparing for the mother of all parties hosted by Shero, a hot-blooded, sex-crazed alley-cat. Their night of booze, babes and BBQ is thrown into chaos, however, following the unexpected arrival of Shero's illegitimate, but ever-so-loveable son Taco, along with the accidental death of a sweet, innocent housebound feline who was the object of Shero's affection. With the dead cat's owner hell-bent on avenging her death, Shero must face being a father, defeat the crazed lunatic and still leave time to fall in love before his nine lives become none.

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