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Egg (2018) *BDRip* - WiDE


An unflinching comedy about why women choose motherhood, why they revere it, fear it, and why some women choose to forgo it. Over the course of one explosive evening, two couples and a surrogate must face their own ridiculous and sometimes heartbreaking shortcomings. With sharp cutting dialogue and complicated characters, EGG is about the personal, social, professional, and ideological implications of bringing new life into the world. Artist Tina (Alysia Reiner, "Orange Is the New Black") and her passive-aggressive feminist husband (Gbenga Akinnagbe, "The Deuce") invite her eight-months pregnant art school rival (Christina Hendricks,"Mad Men") and power hungry, new-money husband (David Alan Basche, The Exes) to their Brooklyn loft, surprising them with Tina's new work-in-progress: a radical alternative to motherhood. But when their sensuous, non-traditional surrogate arrives (Anna Camp, Pitch Perfect) the truth comes out, and the patriarchy fights to hang on by its teeth.

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White Chamber (2018) *HDRip* - CMRG


A civil war has brought seemingly endless sorrow to the United Kingdom in the not so distant future. In a white-walled cell, a woman awakes alone. Over speakers in the cell, an anonymous voice altered via electronic means asks her questions. After she claims that she doesn't have the answers her captor seeks, she is tortured via tools connected to the cell. The woman, who claims during the questioning that her name is Ruth, experiences electrocution from metal floor plates, unbearable cold and heat and even exposure to dripping acid. Who is Ruth really? Why does her torturer think she's lying to him?

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The Hoard (2018) *HDRip* - CMRG


A comedy/horror mockumentary that chronicles the unravelling of a production team who are attempting to produce the ultimate reality TV show pilot “Extremely Haunted Hoarders”. The team consists of a Professional Organizer, a Psychologist, two ghost hunters, and a crew of junk removers. They arrive in Rockford, Ohio, the hoarder capital of America. There they meet Murph Evans, a legendary hoarder with three crammed and condemned mansions. In their efforts to de-clutter the properties and reform Murph’s habit, the intervention unearths a literal house of horrors.

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Frank and Ava (2018) *HDRip* - CMRG


It's 1949 and Sinatra, the former king of swoon who once enchanted millions of "bobby soxers", is at the downturn of his career as the once golden "Voice" is now compromised by a hemorrhage to his vocal cords while his reputation is lambasted by the press who parade his alleged Mafia connections, liberal sympathies, and extramarital affairs. In the midst of his despair, he falls hard and fast for Gardner, MGM's sultry starlet with whom he shares proclivities for passion, whiskey, obstinace, and sexual infidelities. Equal to his desire to maintain the interest of the mercurial Gardner, is his almost sacred infatuation aimed at attaining the role of Private Angelo Maggio in Columbia Picture's From Here to Eternity, the sole ray of hope in salvaging his career. An acknowledged long shot due to his questionable acting chops and heretofore box office bombs, Sinatra actively campaigns for the role while divorcing his wife, Nancy, and entering a sexually charged, but suspicion-filled marriage with Gardner that is marked by infidelities, Ava's abortions and Frank's suicide attempts as their hapless romance is parodied by the press who play them off each other. From Here to Eternity is an ultimate success that will extricate Frank from professional obscurity with his legendary Academy Award win, capping one of the greatest comebacks in Hollywood history, however this attainment is bittersweet. Directed by the recently acclaimed Michael Oblowitz, Frank and Ava was shot on location in Rome, Italy, Hollywood, CA and Sinatra's Palm Springs home. In addition to introducing Rico Simonini and Emily Elicia Low in the title roles, the film also features Eric Roberts, Lukas Haas, Richard Portnow, Domenick Lombardozzi, Neil Sandilands, Jonathan Silverman, Terry Moore and the legendary Harry Dean Stanton; in his last feature film appearance.

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