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Lords of Chaos (2019) *HDRip* - EVO


Keen to shatter the mold of his conventional upbringing, 17-year-old Euronymous abandons his traditional roots in hopes of igniting a fire within himself. After some pondering, Euronymous sets his sights on pioneering a Norwegian-based black metal band. His band, Mayhem, will go to great lengths to leave their mark on the industry. Drunk with stardom, Euronymous and his bandmates begin confusing reality with pipe dreams. As a result, chaos erupts. Placing violence at the crux of everything they do, Mayhem becomes an uncontrollable force in the nation.

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Alien Domicile (2017) *DVDRip* - Rogue


After decades of conspiracy theories and shrouding secrecy, the CIA finally acknowledged the existence of Area 51. But that was all. The actions on the enigmatic military base continue to be unknown to this day. Now, a motley crew of military service members, government workers, and lowly technicians find themselves thrust into the center of the infamous site's darkest mysteries. Soon, they will know exactly what's happening there-for better or worse. While patrolling the territory's tunnel system, Master Sergeant Ryan Pierce leads his Special Forces unit head on into a bloody confrontation with something as horrific as it is indescribable. At the same time, another group awakens in a haze, miles underground. If it isn't the utter confusion that alerts them something's wrong, then it will certainly be the wave of hallucinations and illness that hits like an avalanche. The explanation is far worse than they could ever imagine

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Raptor Island (2004) *DVDRip* - Rogue



A team of terrorist-fighting Naval officers in the South China Sea finds their struggle against the enemy taking a backseat to the fight of their lives when an horde of creatures thought to be extinct for millions of years descend upon them.

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Green Book (2018) *1080p BluRay* - HDC


Quando Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), um segurança ítalo-americano, é contratado como motorista do Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), um pianista negro de classe alta, durante uma turnê pelo sul dos Estados Unidos, eles devem seguir o "O Guia" para leva-los aos poucos estabelecimentos que eram seguros para os afro-americanos. Confrontados com o racismo, o perigo – assim como pela humanidade e o humor inesperados - eles são forçados a deixar de lado as diferenças para sobreviver e prosperar nessa jornada.

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