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Beach House (2019) *HDRip* - EVO


When Paul arrives at her family's beach house, he draws the attention of college student Emma. There's something off about the surprise visit of this handsome photographer from her mother's past. Yet Emma, an aspiring writer chafing at her privileged confines, also finds herself intrigued. As her attraction to him grows, she makes unsettling discoveries-and among his things finds violent Polaroids that plant dark ideas in her mind.

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Gloria Bell (2019) *HDRip* - CMRG


Divorciada, com 50 anos e de espírito livre, Gloria (Julianne Moore) ocupa as suas noites procurando o amor em boates para adultos solteiros em Los Angeles. A sua frágil felicidade muda no dia em que conhece Arnold (John Turturro). A sua intensa paixão deixa-a alternando entre a esperança e o desespero, até ela descobrir uma nova força e que agora, surpreendentemente, ela consegue brilhar mais do que nunca.

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A Madea Family Funeral (2019) *HDRip* - CMRG


Tyler Perry does quadruple duty, playing three characters plus the popular Aunt Madea. Madea is summoned to rural Georgia for a family get-together that turns tragic with an unexpected death. Now it's up to Madea to plan the funeral, hold the family together, and make sure no dirty family secrets get leaked. Of course, in Madea's world nothing ever goes exactly to plan, but she's determined to see it through!

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Bardo Blues (2017) *HDRip*- CMRG


Set in Thailand, Bardo Blues follows Jack as he struggles to learn the truth about the mother that abandoned him and his own reason for existing. Weaving spiritual awakenings and soulful struggles, Bardo Blues will leave you questioning everything you think you know about who you are, where you came from and where you are going.

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Captain Hagen's Bed & Breakfast (2019) *HDRip*- CMRG


Eight unsuspecting guests come to the Hamptons expecting a lavish hotel but instead find a ramshackle Bed & Breakfast run by an eccentric German sea captain and his strange family. As the weekend unfolds, the guests pursue their sexual and romantic goals with unexpected, hilarious results. The laughs keep coming in this quirky, raunchy, heartwarming comedy that will leave you smiling all day.

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